Friday, October 26, 2007

Demand that Cheney be Impeached


Impeach D. Cheney and George W. Bush for violating their oaths of office; for unconstitutional expansion of "executive privileges" such as war powers and surveillance;for the suspension of habeas corpus;for invading two sovereign countries on false pretenses: Iraq and Haiti;for human rights abuses in condoning and abetting torture some of which has resulted in death;for unlawful imprisonment of foreign nationals in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; for authorizing corruption of the Justice Department; for expanding the vice-presidential powers beyond that allowed by the constitution;for no-bid contracts and unaccountable squandering or embezzlement of tax-supported funds to contractors and/or govt. employees;for creating FEMA as a fraudulent department incapable of responding to national catastrophes; Find to impeach on the basis constitutional violations. Bring to trial on criminal penalties all actions violating U.S. code of justice. The criminal trial will need to include Donald Rumsfeld. Hearings and investigations should be pursued against Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell and Alberto Gonzales. This list may not be inclusive, but should be considered sufficient to proceed.


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