Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Green-Dog Democrats

Language Spotlight:

A "yellow-dog" Democrat usually describes a voter-- a voter whose identity is so deeply tied to the Democratic party that he/she will vote for the Democratic candidate "even if it is a yellow dog."

A "blue-dog" Democrat is usually (ironically) a red state Democrat who believes the only way to get elected in predominantly conservative communities is to vote with Republicans as often as necessary, even 70% of the time or more.

Enter the new "green-dog" Democrat. Taking up the cause of the environment and championing progressive economic policies and liberal social policies, "green dogs" present a positive alternative to the sour pictures elicited by the former "dog" descriptions. They appropriate the language of disappointment and transform it into a moniker signifying of renewal, preservation of natural resources, popular resurgence and a sense of humor. Use the term to separate the best of the best from "stray dog" Democrats who have strayed too far from progressive and environmentally sound values.


B.R. said...

I'm interested to know where you found that most gripping picture of Kucinic and the two ladies.... I like!!

ZeitgeistBoheme said...

Thanks for your comment. I first saw this picture at Wonkette.com. She cites The New York Times Magazine January 6 2008 as her source. See the Wonkette article at:


ZeitgeistBoheme said...

Just found the awesome NYT Mag original slideshow: