Sunday, March 15, 2009

Single Payer Universal Healthcare- On the table

Join the fight for Universal, single payer healthcare "Medicare for All" It's HR 676 and it covers everyone. If everyone is in and nobody is out--everybody is covered. No "pre-existing conditions." No staying around in a hated job just for the health coverage. No worrying whether you will actually be covered in the event of a health crisis.

It's efficient. More money for actual health care delivery--Less money for CEO's. More money for drugs--Less money for Big pharma CEO's.

It saves money while creating jobs in health care profession and administration. It will keep and get Americans well.

As a side benefit, it may well unleash the inner entrepreneur in thousands of people who can finally break free of organizations they don't like and start their own companies.

Organizations will be more efficient as more of the people they employ will be there because they actually want to be.

What could employers offer instead of health benefits to attract good employees after healthcare becomes publicly subidized and universal?

Employers could offer a genuine pension instead of volatile stock based 401(k) s.
Employers could offer higher wages.

Fringe benefits could include: health club subsidies and discounts, vision correction, and nutrition incentives of some kind and more weeks of vacation. All this would raise health, morale, and productivity.

We should consider: Offering to primary care doctors and nurse practitioners an "Americorp" like program that forgives student loans in exchange for going into primary and urgent care practices.

GO TO to join the fight for the fairest and best healthcare in the world.

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